Terms and conditions for supply of ringtones

  1. These ringtones are supplied and delivered by Southern African Birding CC.
  2. To use a ringtone you must have a modern phone of playing a MP3 format ringtone.
  3. This service is limited to providing the ringtone for download, and maintaining the download link for a single download of the selected ringtone. The onus is on the user to download the ringtone and to install it as a ringtone on the intended phone. If the ringtone download has been accessed it is deemed that you have received your ringtone.
  4. Due to the vast number of makes and models of cellphones on the market, we can neither guarantee that the ringtone download will work on your phone, nor can we provide support on configuring your phone to receive or use the ringtones.
  5. Support is provided via e-mail correspondence to the address No telephone support is provided.
  6. Payment for the ringtones is by credit card processed by Virtual Card Services. No credit card details are recorded or transmitted in this process.
  7. Any charges levied by your service provider for downloading the ringtone are your responsibility and not included in our quoted prices.
  8. No refunds can be provided for these ringtones. Use of this service is entirely at your own risk.
  9. No warranty is provided as to the suitability of these ringtones for use on your phone, and no liability is accepted for the use of the ringtones in the intended application or otherwise.
  10. The ringtones are copyright © Southern African Birding CC. The ringtones are supplied for single use by the purchaser as a ringtone on the phone as per the phone number provided.  The ringtones may not be re-distributed to a third party or used in any way except as a phone ringtone.

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