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System requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Minimum - Pentium P1-200 MHz, 32MB RAM, 10MB hard drive memory, sound card, internal CD-drive. Minimum screen settings 800x600 and high colour.

Recommended: As above, with Pentium P2 computer and 64MB RAM for faster graphics and habitat games. Original disc is required in the CD-drive to run the program. Visit this page on our website for more information.

Roberts' Bird Game on Windows XP

NOTE: The following patches only apply to the original release of Roberts' Bird Games.
If you received your copy in the last two years, these fixes are already included in your software.

The Roberts' Bird Games is compatible with Windows XP. If you are experiencing random crashes on your XP computer, you should update your device drivers.

If you purchased the product prior to 2004 (your CD will say Version 1), you will need to download the Windows XP update from our website. Even if you don't have XP, If you are using Version 1 do the download and it should improve the operation of the program. Go to and download the Update for Version 1. Once it is downloaded, locate the file and double-click to open it. Then click Unzip to install the update.

Roberts' Bird Game on Windows 95

When you run the Roberts' Bird Games on your Windows 95 computer, you get this message:
"Error Starting Program, A required .DLL file,WS2_32.DLL, was not found".

There are two files required by the game that Windows 95 does not have. For this reason, we have provided these files on the Roberts' Bird Games disc. Please follow these steps:
1. In Windows Explorer find the Roberts' Games disc;
2. Double click on the RobertsGames and then double click on Drivers;
3. Select both the following files WS2_32.DLL and WS2HELP.DLL. Right click and select copy.
4. Then find the C:\Windows\system directory on your hard drive in Windows explorer. Right click on the system folder and select paste.


Due to the nature of the game, a high demand is placed on the graphics capabilities of your machine and the problem you are describing sounds like it has something to do with the graphics card on your computer. Please check that the graphics card has been installed with it's dedicated manufacturer's drivers. If it was just installed with Windows drivers, the performance of your graphics card maybe less than optimal.

Try the following settings to see if they improve the operation of the program:

1) Set your screen display to 800x600, SMALL FONTS and HIGH COLOUR (16 bit), [not TRUE COLOUR (32bit or highest colour)].
2) On the title page go to Setup --> General make sure that Deactivate Second Channel (No Menu Background Sounds) is ticked and Sound Compatibility Mode is unticked.
3) On the Habitat Games --> Performance, tick both "Turn off Background Soundtrack in the Habitat Games" and "Do not use High Quality Bird Images on the habitat scenes."
4) Before playing the games, you need restart the program for any changes to the sound configuration to take effect.
5) If the above does not help, go to Setup --> General untick "Deactivate Second Channel (No Menu Background Sounds)" and tick "Sound Compatibility Mode". The settings for the habitat games must remain the same.


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