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My Discs are not reading
Disc 1 is required to start the program
Sounds Settings
My screensaver runs too fast
Exporting List as text files

Blank home page and Internet Explorer 7

Windows Vista
Menu buttons don't work
Where to copy UserData


Roberts' Multimedia discs not reading

There are two possible reasons for the disc not reading in your CD drive. Either the disc is faulty, or the drive has limited read capabilities. We find that new laptops and older drives often have this problem. We recommend that you check the disc in another CD drive to confirm this. You can also try cleaning the disc with soapy water, and cleaning the CD drive laser with a proprietary CD-ROM drive cleaner.

Alternatively, we have managed to produce special installation discs of the Roberts' Multimedia program for users experiencing difficulty installing. Please email your CD Serial, postal address, and tell us which discs you are having problems with, and we will reply with full instructions. There may be a charge to replace your discs

Disc 1 is required to start the program

Disc 1 (Program disc) is always required in the CD-Rom drive to run the program! This is part of the copy-protection of the Roberts' Multimedia Version 3 program.

Sounds Settings

The complete, high quality collection of sounds is one of the major features of Roberts, so we have spend a significant amount of time on this portion of the program. As a result, any problem with the sound is almost certainly a issue with your PC, even if your CD player works fine (they use different systems on the computer.)

If you do not get any sound when you are in the program:

1) Check that there is not a red cross over the Roberts sound button on the top right of your screen.
2) Check that your Windows sound is not muted by clicking on the speaker next to the Windows clock on your task bar, make sure it has volume.
3) Double-click the speaker icon next to the Windows clock, and make sure the slider marked 'Wave' is set to a high enough level and not muted.

If none of these measures help, try downloading the latest version of Windows Media Player from the Microsoft website:

Screensaver Speed

If the pictures on your screensaver do not slow to the user specified settings, even though you have adjusted the Windows screensaver settings, there is a screensaver update that has been included in the latest Version 3.3 update.

Exporting Lists a text files

To export your list to a text file you can use in other programs, you can do the following. Go to your personal list in the program, then select the following from the menu bar: in/out -> Export Text.

Here you can select which items you wish to export. Select items in 'Available Report Items' and click 'Add ->' to add them to the export, and select items in 'Items on Report' and click ' <- Remove' to take them out. If you plan on re-importing the list, we recommend you export with the World number and without printing the header or diary.

Click 'Save List' to select a filename and complete the export.

Please note that we DO NOT recommend this as a method for backing up your lists. The text export is meant for use outside the program. If you want to back up your lists, please use the method outlined here:
Transferring or Backing up Bird Lists and Notes

Blank home page and Internet Explorer 7

The blank home page has been introduced by the recent Microsoft update to Internet Explorer 7. We use Internet Explorer to display an animated home page, and IE7 introduced a bug that effectively disabled our front page. We have released an update for the program that fixes the problem. You can download the update here:

An alternative is to change the program settings to switch off the animated home page. Go to Setup (top left of the menu bar), select Configuration:

Select General, then uncheck "Show Flash Home Page".



Menu Buttons don't work

Please install the Windows Vista patch.  It can be downloaded

Where to save the Folder "UserData"

Windows Vista has a new directory structure.  It saves the user information in a Virtual Store.

Go to the folder C:\Users\"your username"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\RobertsMM3.

Unfortunately, Windows may hide this folder from you. You will need to manually copy the folder name directly into the address bar in Windows Explorer.

Copy the folder UserData into this Folder.

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