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Data disappears from program
Program disappears from the PDA
RAPI.dll error
SQLITE errors

Connection Problem to PDA unit
Exporting and Importing PDA lists

Close Roberts on PDA
Installing from a preloaded card

Formatting an SD Card
Performing a hard reset

Restore Backup gives blank list

Data disappears from the program

Occasionally, some PDAs seem to 'forget' they have an SD card slot, making it impossible for the Roberts to access its data. This may have happened in your case.

To repair this problem, you will need to restart your PDA by doing a 'soft reset'. Unlike traditional PCs, PDAs do not reboot when you press the 'power' button. This button merely turns off the device's screen. To do a soft reset, press the stylus into the reset button, normally a small hole found on the bottom edge of the PDA. The screen will blank, and a progress bar will appear on the screen.

Once the PDA has finished starting, insert your Roberts SD card, and run the program. All the data should have be available again.

Program disappears from the PDA

When the battery of your PDA unit goes flat, all programs are removed from your PDA's memory. You can equate this to formatting the hard drive on your normal PC, after which you need to reinstall all your programs. You will need to reinstall the the software from your PC. If you have a preloaded SD card, you can run the setup from the SD card to install the software. If you do not, you will need to install from your PC.

IMPORTANT: To avoid having to reinstall the program each time your battery goes flat, remember to keep it CHARGED at all times!

RAPI.DLL error

This error is generated because you do not have Microsoft ActiveSync installed on your computer. This is the software that Windows uses to communicate between the PC and the PDA. You must install MAS before connecting your PDA unit to your computer and running the Roberts' PDA version program.

Re-install Active Sync from the disk supplied with your PDA unit, or download and install the latest Active Sync from:

Windows Vista uses software called 'Windows Mobile Device Center' for the same purpose. You can get more information and download the latest version here:

SQLITE error

This error occurs when the bird list file has not been created correctly on the PDA. To repair this error, we need to delete the damaged file, and start the program again to recreate the file.

On the PDA, tap:
Start -> Programs -> File Explorer
Navigate to 'My Documents' (on most PDAs, this will be the default directory)
Find the file named 'Robertspda'. The filesize will be zero. Delete this file and restart the program. The program will now function normally.

Connection Problem to PDA unit

When running the program on your computer you an message saying "Please make sure your PDA is connected. Do you wish to connect?" or "Failed to connect to the PDA. Please ensure that the PDA is connected." This message is generated because you do not have your PDA unit connected and synchronized or Microsoft ActiveSync is not installed correctly.

Almost every time, the solution to this problem is to update your software to the latest version. You can download the update from here:

If this does not fix the problem, there may be something wrong with your installation of ActiveSync.

Unplug your PDA from your PC. Uninstall Active Sync using the Windows Add/Remove programs, if you have any synchronized or saved files don't remove them. Re-install Active Sync from the disk supplied with your PDA unit, or download and install the latest version of Active Sync from Microsoft:

Only plug your PDA unit in when prompted to. You can select 'Guest Partnership' when selecting a Partnership Type. When the Active Sync window says Connected and the logo in the system bar in the bottom is bright green and not moving, run the Roberts PDA program.

Exporting and Importing PDA Lists

Before you update or transfer lists from the Roberts' Multimedia to the Roberts' PDA (or vice versa), both of these programs need to be shut down.

On your PDA make sure you exit the program correctly i.e. click the Start button and select Exit or check in the PDA memory if the program is running.

If its running, you must stop it:
Start -> Settings -> click System tab -> Memory -> select Running program tab -> select Roberts PDA and click Stop program.

Once both these applications are exited, you can run the PDA update and transfer lists. We recommend that you first update to the latest versions of both programs. If you do not, the menu options may differ slightly from what is below.

To transfer lists from your PC to your PDA:

1. Run the PDA program on your desktop/laptop PC and select a profile to download your personal list
2. Click List Manager -> Replace PDA lists -> Personal Bird Lists
3. Select your personal list in the Available Lists box and click Add. This will replace all existing lists on the PDA, so make sure you select all the lists you need. Your list will appear in the Export to PDA box. Click Next.
4. Make sure 'SD Card' is selected in the PDA Data Folder drop-down menu. Click Next.

Once the download is complete, run the program on your PDA unit and go to the personal list module to view the downloaded personal lists.

To transfer lists from your PDA to your PC:

1. Run the PDA program on your desktop/laptop PC and select a profile to download your personal list
2. Click List Manager -> Retrieve PDA Lists
3. For each list on the PDA, select what action you which to take. Click Next.

Once the download is complete, the lists will appear in your Roberts Multimedia V3 program on your PDA unit and go to the personal list module to view the downloaded personal lists.

How to close Roberts on the PDA

Unlike a traditional PC, the cross button in the upper-right corner of the screen is not a close button. This is instead a minimize button, that hides the window but leaves the program running.

The correct way to close the software is to tap the module button on the bottom left of the program, and then tap 'exit'. If you are unable to start the program, then you can also close it by tapping Start -> Settings -> System -> Memory -> Running programs -> Roberts PDA -> Stop.

Installing from a preloaded card

To load the software from a preloaded SD card, do the following:

Insert the SD card into the PDA. If the Roberts PDA Setup screen appears, tap 'Install' to install the program. Otherwise, do the following:

Tap Start -> Programs -> File Explorer
A new window will appear. In the top left corner, just below where it says 'File Explorer', there will be a small down-arrow. Tap this arrow, then tap My Device -> Storage Card ->Setup.
Then tap 'Install' to install the program.

Performing a hard reset

A hard reset will delete the contents of your PDA's memory, returning it to its factory state. It is sometimes called a 'clean reset', and it will ensure a trouble-free installation to the PDA. Different PDAs have different methods to trigger a hard reset, but most modern PDA use the method outlined below. The precise steps needed are documented in your device's manual.

Typically you need to hold down the following buttons on the front of the PDA:
Power button
Outer left (calender)
Inner right (email)
While holding these buttons, press the reset button (a small hole on the back or bottom edge of the device).

Alternatively, try pressing the reset button while holding the power button, the outer left button and the outer right button (normally the calendar button and the home page button).

If the device asks you to align the screen by tapping the crossed, you have successfully performed a hard reset. Important: if you are not asked to align the screen, you have not done a hard reset!

If this does not work, check your device's manual. Your manual will also be available from your PDA's manufacturer's website.

Formatting an SD Card

If you have a SD card reader on your PC, insert the card into the reader. Locate the drive under Windows Explorer, right-click the drive, and click 'Format'. Make sure the file system to 'FAT32' and click 'Format'.

If you do not have a SD card reader, you can format the card in your PDA device, using the utility below:


Restore Backup gives blank list

If you have restored a backup bird list and the personal bird list screen remains blank, please do the following:

1.  Tap on "p-list"
2.  Select "Options"
3.  Tap the down arrow next to the "List" option.
4.  Select the required list name from the drop-down-list.

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